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If agencies have left a bad taste in your mouth, here’s an idea worth considering…

I believe in a dedicated, one-on-one service for every client. That’s why I’m a boutique digital agency. I take care of your entire strategy which makes it more efficient, tracking results are more accurate and it all runs smoothly. Not to mention there’s no chance of anything falling through the cracks due to poor communication because it’s just me, taking care of it all. Don’t let another Perth SEO company take you for a ride.

You see, I’ve been a full stack web developer since way before it became a buzz word, or even a real job title. It’s in my nature to fix, build and master everything digital. My passion was sparked with my first computer in the mid 80’s (keep reading and do the math later!) and the introduction of the World Wide Web as we know it. I was hooked.

Electrical Engineers were known to make great programmers at the time. So naturally, that’s the career path I chose. I took to the corporate world after completing my studies and I was fortunate to work with incredible developers. I gained valuable experience working in talented teams. But I wanted more.

I became an Integration Specialist, embracing the trend of Service Orientated Architecture (SOA), which lead to my involvement in the technology stacks of both Oracle and IBM. For 15 years I worked in incredible teams for blue chip companies.

In 2012, it was time for a new adventure. My wife and I moved to Perth to start a family. I also started Interwebcoding, my own consulting company and built a FinTech startup called Paytradie from scratch. I locked myself away in my home office for 7 months building Paytradie, using an exciting new web language called nodejs. Surprisingly, the real hard work started after going live.

With no digital marketing budget or real experience in this space, I aggressively educated myself and implemented digital strategies like Growth Hacking, SEO, Social Media and PR. I found new passions and talents, learning everything I could about digital marketing… and I loved it!

This led me to move away from Integration Specialist Consulting and Interwebcoding became a full service, Perth SEO company.

I’m excited to announce Perth Website Design, a new site dedicated to helping small businesses and medical clinics establish a professional online presence.

“Your success is my responsibility – and I take it seriously”

Why Work With Me?

Dedicated, one-on-one service for every client.

I consciously don’t work like other digital agencies. A large Perth SEO company may have a long list of clients but chances are you’ll be paying for mediocrity, at best. You may even feel like you’re being boxed into a category that suits their processes, not your needs. To make matters worse, the disconnect between staff and your business is paralysing to the entire process of assessing, strategising and execution. I’ve proven that the right guy looking after your business for a specific function beats a distant team or division in a large agency, hands down.

What’s more is I don’t lock clients into a contract because I simply don’t need to. I’m dedicated to understanding where your business has been and where you want it to go. I deliver and the value is obvious from the outset. Not only that, but by avoiding large overheads I can charge a fraction of the ‘agency price’, whilst taking up less of your time to get the job done. 

Who Am I Looking For?

I want you committed to improving your business

If you’re tired of overpaying and not getting results, we should talk. If you understand the value-to-cost ratio of SEO, we can work together to improve your digital footprint. To me, you’re not just another name on a very long list. I want to give you a dedicated, one-on-one service that gets results. An outdated website or content that’s not optimized for search engines can harm your business, so it’s important to keep up with the latest trends and developments in web design and digital marketing.

If you’re starting a new venture on the side, let me help you get off to a great start and keep you moving from strength to strength with the right Perth web designer.

I’m here to help you succeed online, and I offer a range of services to meet the specific needs of your business. No run-around, no finger-pointing – just results.

But don’t just take my word for it
see what some clients have to say:

Brendon did a fantastic job of completely revamping our website, making it not just more professional and attractive but also functional. In addition Brendon’s work on SEO for our new site has brought a clear increase in our web traffic and a resulting large increase in our referral numbers. Thanks Brendon!

Google Review

Dr Andrew Kelly


Great having a good SEO guy nice and local in Perth. Always helpful when I get stuck with something 24/7. Thank’s Interwebcoding!

Google Review

Sarah Ross


Brendon currently runs our EOSphere website which looks great and provides the right information for our social media hungry community. It has been great working with him over the past year.

Google Review

Ross Dold